Reviews of Teeming, Dr. Tamsin's latest book:
“Teeming should be required reading for everyone working in (or managing) a team. Creative and design teams will find invaluable insight into applying the lessons of Nature to their own company, culture and process. I wish I had this book 20 years ago!”
Eric Corey Freed, Architect, Author, and Facilitator, Institute for Living Futures
“Woolley-Barker is the fresh and futurist voice our Age of Biology has been waiting for!”
Zem Joaquin, Founder, Near Future Summit & ecofabulous, Huffington Post Editor at Large
“The closest I’ve seen to a unified theory of what organizations must do to scale exponentially...the real “how to’s” that all AI and human driven systems will use to build infinite wealth.”
Verne Harnish, CEO Gazelles, Author Scaling Up (Mastering The Rockefeller Habits 2.0)
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Dr. Tamsin

Founder and Principal, TEEM Innovation Group
Dean, Geoversity’s School of Biocultural Leadership in Panama

Tamsin is the author of TEEMING: How Superorganisms Work to Build Infinite Wealth in a Finite World, an Amazon Bestseller in Organizational Learning and Environmental Economics, as well as Ecology and Animal Behavior––testament to the lively ecotones biomimics inhabit.

Tamsin started as a biologist––studying plant form and function in California’s redwood-filled Santa Cruz mountains; backpacking the Hawaiian Islands; obsessing about sociobiology under legendary evolutionary biologist Robert Trivers; and working as a live-aboard marine mammal observer in the Bering Sea as the only woman on a crab boat with 25 fishermen. Her profits took her to the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands––where she immediately forgot her aversion to boats. She earned her doctorate in Biological Anthropology, working alternately in a genetics lab and a tent in the Ethiopian desert, obeying the whims of a motley assortment of hybridizing baboons. This was the longest running and most extensive genetic study of any wild primate for many years––a model for addressing questions around altruism and social cooperation, human speciation and gene introgression among our ancestors––and is still widely cited.

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After two decades in business––as a biotech scientist, then as a serial entrepreneur with several businesses in photography, as a scientific subject matter expert for GRI corporate sustainability reporting, a copywriter and content developer, and an executive leadership coach for scientists making the jump to C-suite. Today Tamsin provides organizational design and innovation consulting for some of the world’s biggest and most innovative companies through her company TEEM Innovation Group. She is the Dean of Geoversity’s School of Biocultural Leadership in Panama, Chairs David Sloan Wilson’s Evolution Institute Business Action Group (leading the effort to design Living System curricula for business schools), and is a headline thought leader for the Growth Institute––the premier education platform for mid-cap entrepreneurs. All are aimed at catalyzing a fundamental paradigm shift from mechanistic design to Living Systems Thinking and Design in all human endeavors. You can preorder The TEEMING Transformation or reserve a spot in TEEMLab’s multi-day Living Systems Immersions in Panama or our secret biomimicry canyon in San Diego’s incredible Anza-Borrego Desert.

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