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Client Thoughts

"Thank you so much for yesterday - everyone loved your provocations and insights, we were so inspired! Can't wait to have you back."

Alexis Gonzales-Black, Principal Designer and Design Lead, IDEO SF

Tamsin does a superb job explaining what we can learn from other super social species to become happier, more creative, and more successful members of companies, organizations, and society.

—Peter Gloor, Author Swarm Creativity, Research Scientist, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

Have you ever found yourself stuck in an endless, pointless business meeting, wondering how we could operate in a better way? Well, wonder no more! Tamsin Woolley-Barker's training as an evolutionary biologist and biomimicry professional are evident as she illuminates lessons from the natural world that can dramatically improve our businesses, our teams, and our lives.

—Katherine Collins, Founder, Honeybee Capital; Author, The Nature of Investing

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