Research & Ideation


We identify biological analogs for your particular design challenge and guide your team in innovating around these deep patterns and principles to create new products, services, concepts, and strategies.

Expand Your Niche Biomimicry Workshop

(Half, Full, or 2-Day)

This is a focused Biomimicry design charrette at the product, service, strategy, and/or system level, building on your Whitepaper or Report. Your team will gain clarity, expand possibilities, and dramatically expand your innovation pipeline using this exciting process.

Nature of Innovation Report

An in-depth follow-up on the mechanics of select biological strategies and deeper insight for your design translations

Biological Strategies Whitepaper

Dr. Tamsin outlines a diversity of adaptations various organisms have evolved to deal with challenges analogous to your own. Includes initial suggestions on how these strategies might inspire new designs

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Client Thoughts

Hi Tamsin,

Just sent out the Biological Strategies report to Johnson and Johnson. I want to commend you on your efficiency and quality. I’m super impressed with your ability to take these complex chemical strategies and make them accessible and valuable to non-scientists. Great job with timeliness and working with the team to ensure we delivered a solid report. We have a rock-solid set of strategies and the J&J team is thrilled and excited for next steps.

Best, Dayna

PhDPartner | Biomimicry 3.8


Thanks for your uncanny ability to breeze through mountains of literature at breakneck speed, and for digging deep into technical details. You’ve worked magic with the information, and the next phases of this project are going to be fascinating as the Estee Lauder team plays with these fresh, new biomimetic concepts. They did not know what to expect and are beyond thrilled with this work.

Biomimicry Chemist | Biomimicry 3.8


Thanks for your hard work on a short deadline. Amazing job putting all that info together into an easy to understand summary––and distilling this complex information into deep patterns that Kimberly Clark can use. They are very excited about the potential––many novel business strategies sparked from your report. Congrats for your rock star work AND improving our processes. KUDOS.

Well done! Dayna

Partner | Biomimicry 3.8

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