Today’s efficiency-minded organizations struggle to scale the innovation, flexibility, and resilience they know they desperately need. The problem is these Lean Machines are limited to solving for whatever "x" we think the future will require, but we just don't know what we don't know. Scaling corporate machines requires standardization, too––swappable parts and people, eliminating defects and deviation. But people are not cogs, and evolution requires that variation. As long as innovation is siloed by department, stifled by best practices, and shoe-horned into fixed job descriptions and permission structures, your employees will remain disconnected, your organization slow and reactive, your industry vulnerable. As the world grows more complex, volatile, and uncertain, a new corporate Operating System is necessary.

Life has already solved this problem: living things naturally grow, adapt, learn, heal, and evolve - an open-ended, self-organizing process. TEEM helps you put these time-tested patterns to work––so you can move past prediction to design for inevitable surprise, with dynamic systems that instantly sense and respond to risk and opportunity. Hands-on interactive experiences, customized to your organization challenges.

TEEMing: Animal Style

At the BILD or Geoversity in Panama.

TEEM Lab Retreats

(3-10 days)

Deeply invigorating, inspiring, and thoughtful nature experiences, with Dr. Tamsin and invited thought leaders, ecologists, artists, and experience designers. Explore life's deep patterns and proven strategies in the field––from Coast to Canyon to Cactus in San Diego County, Santa Catalina Island, or further. Safari, anyone? Let us know where you'd like to go!

Evolving Leadership

(Breakout or Half Day)

Learn the deep patterns and principles of Teeming Leadership, and find out how to catalyze and nurture an innovative, collaborative culture in any group.

Activating Your TEEM

(Half, Full, or 2-Day)

Identify, develop, and leverage your organization or team's unique identity, values, purpose, and assets, then develop a plan for attracting and aligning motivated stakeholders for extraordinary returns.

Evolving Clarity

(Half or Full Day)

A facilitated exploration of your organization or team's unique identity, purpose, and core values.

Evolving TEEM Culture

(Breakout, Half, Full, or 2-Day)

Leaves participants thinking differently about management, culture, leadership, teamwork, decision-making, and innovation. Learn simple, time-tested principles and actionable tools for up-leveling your organization's DNA.

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Client Thoughts

Tamsin, I wanted to thank you for yesterday’s session. Roche definitely made some big shifts and definitely Niklas was enthusiastic about what we did together. Personally, I greatly appreciated the content and the set-up. You expressed confidence and took the lead in a concise and effective way. You immediately had a click with the audience. Introduction was great and aligned with what nexxworks does. Your presentation brings biomimicry truly closer to the business world. Something that is not always so crystal clear. Very happy about this collaboration.

—Julie Vens–De Vos, CEO Nexxworks

Evolutionary biologist Woolley-Barker drew on the ancient R&D of living systems to show how nature can help us challenge Silicon Valley's vertical hierarchies and billion dollar unicorns with self-organized systems that are functional, flat, agile, adaptive and resilient. This was a timely, insightful, inspiring and enjoyable exploration of one of the deepest challenges facing not only the sustainable movement but all modern organizations—how to ensure the adaptive benefits of emergent coordination without the deadening impacts of command and control.

—Gil Friend, Founder and CEO, Natural Logic and Critical Path Capital

Truly fascinating and inspiring! Using the principles of Biomimicry, Sociobiology, and Evolution, Dr. Woolley-Barker showed us how to transform our company by emulating nature’s most efficient natural models and systems—all forged over billions of years of trial and error. Only the winningest systems have survived—why reinvent the wheel when you can take advantage of 3.8 billion years of optimization driven by natural selection? And, by demonstrating that humans are an evolutionary novelty—“ant-like apes” with deeply biological adaptations for ensuring equity, fairness, and cooperation—Dr. Woolley-Barker made the case that termite mounds and slime molds have something uniquely relevant to teach us about doing business”.

—Paul T. Telfer, Ph.D, Managing Director, Congo Conservation Company and Sabine Plattner African Charities

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